Animals have always been a major influence in my life, so I always looks to better their lives, while emotionally satisfying mine. That is why for the past six years on my life, I have been a vegetarian. With that, I designed a series of postcards and poster in the vernacular of an IPhone sent messaging bubble because they, the public, would be the ones receiving the message, hence the color choice of light blue. Apple’s emoji’s were appropriated to describe the ways in which each animal has become endangered in the order of significant damage. So, the message reads from left to right and can be decoded on the back of the postcard. The use of the Apple technology resemblance is because Apple contributes funding towards World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where all the information has been obtained from. The targeted audience is towards the tech-savvy, early-teens and twenties because it is those who are aware of the use of emoji’s and because they are the ones who are prompted to initate the change and improve the world. 
The postage on the back of the cards is an image of the exclusive WWF stamps for each individual animal, with the address of WWF in the stamp shape where the stamp lines reference the type of habitat where the animals live, whether it be grassland or aquatic. The handwritten sections describes the way in which you can help contribute to saving these animals from endangerment. The folded sections includes a thank you note from the CEO of WWF asking you to donate more funds to the specific reserve dedicated to each animal. Body copy is set in Helvetica Neue because it’s the default font choice for iPhones. The address is Andale Mono of the essence of technology because of the use of  the scientific name and prominent existence of technology in my piece. Each stamp is the cover image of the WWF page, specific to the animal. In the top corner, there is a number depicting the number of creatures left with the coded risk of extinction based on WWF’s ratings. 
The poster is designed in the vernacular of a conversation on an IPhone. It’s in aspect ratio of an IPhone 7 screen. Verizon is the phone company of choice because they have contributed funds to the WWF’s efforts. 61% is of significance because that’s the year the foundation was formed. The alarm icon at the top is another signifier that time is running out. The conversation itself focuses on the story of the emoji’s are telling rather than words, so the viewer focuses solely on the phrase located at the bottom.
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