With the latest generations of children being born into the age of expanding technology, the youth is becoming outlandishly bland and unadventurous. The generation gap seems to be growing exponentially though only a few years separate the two generations. So, Nickstaglia Film Fest is for the young at heart and spontaneous creatures from the nineties that have turned into courageous young adults. The name derives from “Nickelodeon” and “nostalgia” and showcases four nineties television series that had accompanying films.
The color scheme of orange, green, and white stay true to the traditions of Nickelodeon. Typeface Futura was chosen for it’s modernist look to revitalize the era of great movies and must-see-tv.  Typeface Times New Roman was also selected for it’s use as the default typeface used in secondary schooling. Icons were developed representing the recognizable hairstyles of the animated characters featured in each film. From those icons, the identifying accent colors where used to signal the viewer to which movie they would see in the festival. The dates were chosen because the majority of these series ended in the month of June, so it would act as a symbol of “picking up where you left off.” Accompanying the film fest is a set of four collectible cards in the format of a fortune teller, a common nineties origami game. Attached to the fortune teller is the corresponding ticket. The pattern depicted is a representation of the different shapes for each movie either found in the opening credits or articles of clothing on specific characters. The informational piece is a multi-paneled CD case with accompanying CD, highlighting the soundtrack of each of the four movies because the nineties were all about the craze of the slim and slick format of a compact disc. Nickstaglia Film Fest items were printed on French Sweet Tooth Pop Tone paper for the quality of vivid colors produced that relate to the latest nostalgic trends.
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