“Skivvy Fonts” are font cards designed around the fonts used for popular underwear companies. The four chosen are two male dominated and two female dominated brands. These include: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria’s Secret, and Gap. The style of underwear displayed for each correspond with their popular advertised item. Calvin Klein with whitey-tighties, Tommy Hilfiger with boxer briefs, Victoria’s Secret with thongs, and Gap with cheekies. All color choices represent the brands themselves in their logo and designs. Any and all patterns found within the backgrounds, seams, and icons are all glyphs made with the corresponding font choices. The tags include the various layering of info provided for underwear replaced by information pertaining to the typeface. They are sewn together for the aura of being actual underwear.  Packaging is styled around a drycleaners bag with the hanger in the shape of a quote and bracket. Paper stock of Neenah’s Crane Lettra cover stock in fluorescent white was chosen for its cotton texture referencing back to the fabric in which most underwear is made from. Vellum was chosen for the packaging because the translucent effect references the look of a dry cleaner's bag.
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